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New Patients

Dr. Monica is so excited that you are at Revival Chiropractic! You are making a huge step in your health & healing journey by being here!

Day One: Consultation

You can think of this as a “discovery day” where Dr. Monica learns about you, your health concerns, your level of life stress and your goals. She wants to know why you’ve sought Revival out and what you hope to experience on your healing journey. This initial consultation will be approximately 60 minutes.

During this visit, she’ll gather the necessary information during your consultation, exam and your gentle neurological scans to make sure Revival is the best fit for you and your goals. Then it’s time for her to do her homework to come up with the best plan of action to get you feeling better & healing as quickly as possible, so you can get back to doing all the things you love without symptoms standing in your way!

Day Two: Report of Findings

During this visit, you will have an in-depth conversation with Dr. Monica to review your health plan, highlighting your care journey, as well as what your exam and scans revealed. If Revival is the best fit for your needs, you will learn how long it’ll take to see change, what your investment be, as well as recommendations for you to actively participate in your healing when you’re out of the office! This visit will be approximately 45 minutes.

If you choose to start care, you will get to experience your first chiropractic adjustment during this visit!

If you are ready to start your health & healing journey, you can schedule your new patient consultation by sending us a message, or simply calling the office at (651) 342-2453!

Addressing FAQ’s about Revival

Dr. Monica believes in being upfront about what your experience will be like at Revival! If you have specific questions after reviewing our pricing, office policies, and FAQ’s, please contact us! She’d love to connect with you.


New Patients | (651) 342-2453