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Pediatric Chiropractic in Stillwater

Doctor adjusting babyRevival is proud to be the first stop for many local families when it comes to supporting the health of their children. From the very beginning of their lives, Dr. Monica wants your children to be happy, healthy and simply enjoy being a kid!

The Healthiest Start

Dr. Monica sees children from the very beginning of their lives, often just days after they’ve been born. The younger babies she sees might have issues with nursing, colic, gas, sleeping, congestion, colds or ear infections. Dr. Monica can help them with these types of concerns, as well as set them up for success as they grow.

Trauma Occurs Early

Think about it, at 32 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is expected to be head down, ready to go for delivery. For the remainder of your pregnancy, they stay in that position. Think of how badly you’d need to get adjusted if you were in such a position for almost 8 weeks! When your baby is born, an enormous amount of pressure is placed on their head and neck, even more so if they’ve had an intervention such as forceps, vacuum or a C-section.

Simply being born is enough of a reason to be checked by a chiropractor. It doesn’t necessarily mean your baby will need an adjustment. You will, however, be confident that you’re doing everything you can to ensure your baby’s health.

Happy baby getting adjusted

Getting Started

When you bring your child in for their first appointment, Dr. Monica will want to know all about your pregnancy, delivery and your child’s life thus far. She’ll perform an examination that looks for signs that your baby needs care. Other indications that they need an adjustment include excessive crying and digestive troubles.

The examination is done at a level that’s appropriate for your child’s age. If they’re toddlers or older, Dr. Monica will make it into a game. Your child can explore our playroom, make themselves at home and feel free to make a mess. She wants them to feel comfortable here!

Adjusting your baby isn’t like adjusting you. Have you ever put your finger on a cold stick of butter and felt it melt with your touch? It’s much like that! Dr. Monica will hold a spot until the tension in their body melts. It’s beautiful to watch them soften, relax and smile as the tension releases from their body.

You might wonder if your child can benefit from care. Know that what we do is safe and effective. In 110 years of pediatric chiropractic research, the safety of chiropractic has been well-proven. You can bring your kids in for a check to see if Dr. Monica can help.

One of our patients was a four-month-old boy who was constipated and fussy since he was two weeks old. The mother was beside herself and didn’t know what to do. The baby’s pediatrician told Mom to stop breastfeeding. Her son was pooping every three days and was clearly uncomfortable. Since he was unhappy, Mom was having a difficult time bonding like she wanted to.

After a handful of adjustments, the baby was having regular bowel movements and was more comfortable. With consistent care, all of his issues have resolved. He’s a happy, smiling baby that we love to see in the office!

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