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Plans and Pricing at Revival

No one likes surprises when it comes to finances!

I believe in being as upfront as possible when it comes to investing in your health & healing journey. I have laid out what you can expect for your health investment, so you can determine if Revival is the right fit for you.

Revival is out-of-network with all insurance companies. This allows me to provide you and your family the care that you need, regardless of coverage! Being free from insurance restrictions, deductibles and red tape allows me to do the absolute most for you, which includes offering flexible and affordable options!

To start your healing journey at Revival, you will complete the New Patient Process which is $180 for a two-day appointment. This does not include an adjustment, as not everyone decides to start care.

I offer a family savings plan for families of 3 or more that start care.

Care Plans: Roadmap for your Healing Journey

The new patient intake process gives me an in-depth perspective on your past/current life stresses, your nervous system’s adaptability/ability to heal, as well as your body’s current state. Those factors and the results from your neurological scans will help me determine the level of care needed to help you elevate your health and achieve your healing goals.

The majority of those who start at Revival will be placed on a care plan that will range in duration anywhere from 1 month to 6+ months depending on your goals, the severity of your scans and impacts of life stress.

It is important to have an understanding that healing does not occur overnight – it takes time! Committing to your health care plan means that you are acknowledging that your symptoms will not resolve immediately, but you are willing to be consistent with chiropractic care and take an active role in your healing journey in and out of the office! The care plan allows us to have scheduled connection points to check your healing progress and makes shifts in the plan/recommendations as we go.

For care plan pricing:

  • Adjustments are $50 per visit.
  • Re-exam scans/progress assessments are $70.
  • I offer discounts for families of 3 or more, monthly auto-debit payments, or if you pay in full.

Once you’ve completed your initial care plan and your body is functioning/feeling better, wellness care is your next step. Wellness care allows you to continue to elevate your health and continue chiropractic care at a reduced visit frequency. At this time, you and I will connect and come up with the ideal adjustment frequency that keeps you at your best!

Only looking for a few adjustments?

In order to best support you and see progress in your health, I strongly recommend consistent chiropractic care. However, the choice is 100% yours. Once you complete the new patient process, you decide the path moving forward and the level of commitment you have. I will be completely transparent and honest in your intake on my expectations and the timeline for realistic results. This is your journey, I am simply here to be a guide on it.

If you are looking for a quick fix, Revival is probably not going to be the right fit for you.

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