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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Stillwater

Heart hands on pregnant bellyWhen you’re expecting, you need health care with a gentle touch. At Revival Chiropractic, we’re passionate about the benefits of prenatal chiropractic. What we do is safe and learned from years of specialized training. Even before you’re expecting, we encourage you to come in and make sure your body is in the best possible shape to grow and develop your beautiful baby.

Enjoy Your Prenatal Experience

Most women think that struggling with issues during pregnancy is normal. That’s not the case. Chiropractic can help with those symptoms you experience, such as round ligament discomfort, indigestion and back pain. Instead of feeling like you can’t wait for your baby to be born so you can get rid of your symptoms, we want your pregnancy to be a calming, bonding experience.

Dr. Monica has additional training and certification in the Webster Technique and had the pleasure of adjusting Dr. Anna throughout both of her pregnancies. Dr. Anna was active right up until birth. She didn’t struggle with reflux, digestive issues or her comfort levels. When something did come up, it wouldn’t last for more than a day. We want you to experience the same benefits during your pregnancy!

Couple touching pregnant belly

A Care Plan That Fits Your Needs

You and your baby’s nervous systems are one and the same when you’re pregnant. If you’re feeling stressed, uncomfortable and tense, guess what—your baby will feel it, too! It’s essential that you feel balanced and at ease.

When you become a patient, we want to know all about you—your health and life before and during pregnancy and what you need during your care. We’ll tailor what we do to the entire picture of you, including how you respond to care. We’ll create a plan to suit your needs and get you to where you want to be to accomplish your goals.

Dr. Monica and Dr. Anna use a soft, non-force technique during all adjustments. There are pillows we place on the adjusting table to allow you to lie facedown without putting pressure on your belly, which most moms are thrilled about! You can relax and let go of the stresses of your day, knowing you’re finally taking some time for yourself.

Our adjustments include working on your belly and releasing tension in the round ligaments. In turn, your entire body will feel more at ease and relaxed.

You deserve to feel empowered during your pregnancy. You might just be amazed at everything we have to offer you. Beyond prenatal care, we also act as a resource and provide you with tips, ideas and information. We have connections with area professionals such as midwives, massage therapists and physical therapists. There is a wealth of information at our office for you to take home and read. You’ll join our support system to get guidance and connect with others while receiving the personalized care you need.

As a new mom, Dr. Anna completely understands that feeling of total desperation that can accompany breastfeeding. Perhaps your baby isn’t latching properly, or you’ve noticed that your baby prefers one side. You may have been told you to stop breastfeeding or you feel you have no choice but to give up. You might be surprised at some of the ideas and suggestions we can give you. If your goal is to continue breastfeeding, we would be honored to provide resources to help you and your baby.

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