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Revival Chiropractic Testimonials

Revival Chiropractic LogoWhat Our Stillwater Patients Say

At Revival Chiropractic we love when patients share their chiropractic stories with us. Please read our patient success stories below to see what others have achieved through their care with us.

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Optimal Position for a Natural Delivery!

In my third trimester of pregnancy I was having a lot of lower pelvic pain and round ligament pain, something I had just assumed was a part of pregnancy and something I would have to deal with for the next 6 weeks. My baby was also in a breached position at 34 weeks and I had been told by my doctor the chances of him flipping on his own were slim due to lack of space.

After just one adjustment I noticed relief and with continued adjustments even more relief!! At my 37 week appointment my baby had turned to the optimal position for a natural delivery. (Even my doctor was surprised!) I would highly recommend Revival Chiropractic for your prenatal care. I was able to enjoy the last weeks of my pregnancy and deliver my baby naturally. My only regret is not starting earlier on in my pregnancy!

Dr. Anna and Dr. Monica are so good at explaining everything they are doing and so knowledgeable about chiropractic care in pregnancy it was really comforting. The adjustments were so relaxing too! The doctors are so eager and excited to give their patients the best experience and are genuinely passionate about what they do!!

– Katie R.

Revival Places High Importance on your Child’s Care and Wellbeing!

They use a gentle adjustment technique that has really helped my headaches and migraines. I feel like they listen to my needs and work to solve the underlying problems. Being pregnant, I have found Revival very helpful with my back pain. I would definitely recommend Revival Chiropractic to everyone!

Revival Chiropractic is amazing with kids! My daughter didn’t even know she was being adjusted because she was having such a good time. You can tell that Revival places high importance on your child’s care and wellbeing.


Such a Relief to be able to Move Around Normally Again

Before I visited Revival I was having some troubling neck and back pain after a particularly strenuous workout. It became so bad I had to see someone. I’m not into the old-school type chiropractic techniques where they crank on you and twist you all around. I found Revival Chiropractic, and after going in and learning about their methods I was excited to see how it would work.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been in, but after a couple visits my back and neck pain was gone completely. It’s such a relief to be able to move around normally again!

I really appreciate the way they do it at Revival, they listened to my problems and really seemed more concerned with getting my body right as opposed to getting me to come back time and time again for temporary relief, which was the experience I had with the my previous chiropractor. I recommend Revival to my friends and family now because I believe they’re doing it the right way, and it worked for me. I plan to go back next time I tweak something, it’s only a matter of time!

Thanks, Revival Team!

– Dave L.

Sleeping Better and Better Quality of Life

Before starting care at Revival Chiropractic, I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck which created tingling and pain down my arms. After a few adjustments, I feel much better. Now I can ride my bike and golf with no pain. Also, the tingling and in my arms stopped so I can sleep much better, too.

At Revival Chiropractic, you really feel that they care about you and that they truly want to help you have a better quality of life. I have been to several chiropractors over the years, and so many of them just give you a quick adjustment and send you out the door. At Revival Chiropractic, they listen to your problems and talk to you about what they are doing. You feel you are getting personalized care.

- Lynn L.

First time to a Chiropractor

I travel with work and I am always on the move. I used to be plagued with pinched nerves, stiff shoulders and back. I sought out Revival Chiropractic. They were very friendly and were great with explaining the procedures and answered every question I had. I have never been to a chiropractor before. After my first adjustment, I noticed a huge decrease in pain and I could move my shoulders without feeling tension. I would recommend Revival Chiropractic to anyone!


I Felt My Energy Levels Increase

My life before seeking care at Revival Chiropractic was full of fatigue and pain in my shoulder and neck area. I felt immediate improvement after I was adjusted. Also, with on-going adjustments, I felt my energy levels increase and pain issues decreased or were completely eliminated! Both Dr. Monica and Dr. Anna are so genuine, approachable, and show sincere care/concern towards their patients. They aim to truly ‘revive’ their patients back to optimal health.


The Doctors Have Your Mind, Body and Spirit at Heart

Before starting care at Revival Chiropractic, I was having issues from a concussion as well as frequent neck and head pain. It was constant and uncomfortable, so much so that I was unable to stay at work for long periods of time.

Revival Chiropractic helped my body get back to its normal state. I was finally able to go to work full time again, and not be in a constant state of pain. Revival Chiropractic has also been there for me in times of maintenance and help me to continue to feel that I am living my healthiest life.

The most special part of my care is the fact that I get to turn my brain off for a little bit and really dedicate time to centering myself. I enjoy the way that Dr. Monica incorporates meditation and mindfulness into her adjustments. I have never experienced it before and I always leave not only feeling better physically but also feeling more centered mentally.

I really like the technique that Revival uses as opposed to the traditional crack your back style I have received in the past. I would always leave with an inevitable rebound headache with that style. I truly feel that Revival’s care is better for your body in the long run.

Lastly, Revival Chiropractic is a place to go if you are looking for well rounded, holistic care. Dr. Monica and Dr. Anna truly have your mind, body and spirit at heart when they are adjusting you. You aren’t just another patient among many you truly feel like a part of the Revival family.”


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