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Why is the Nervous System so Important?

Your nervous system is intuitive, intelligent, multitasking, complex and truly amazing. Your overall health is dependent on the health of your nervous system.

Let me explain WHY…

Your nervous system is made up of your brain, your spinal cord and all the 7 trillion nerves! It controls every organ, gland, tissue and cell of your body. It controls all functions inside your body while also perceiving and reacting to the environment around you.

Think of your nervous system like a fusebox.

In a house, each fuse is connected to different areas or appliances in your house. When the fuse gets overloaded, the fuse blows! Then, those areas and appliances don’t work. This is actually a safety mechanism that is designed to prevent further damage.

Your body works in a similar way. When the body is overloaded with stress, it blows fuse. This is also a safety mechanism for your body to prevent further damage. This will look a little different for everyone. Here are some examples:

All of these are SYMPTOMS of a deeper issue. Your nervous system is sending you a message that something isn’t working right.

At this point you have options…

  1. You can ignore it
  2. You can take pills or medicine to cover up the symptom and risk increasing the stress in other areas of your body
  3. You can listen to the message your body is giving you and find the root cause.

Here’s the truth, your body is SELF HEALING. It is always working to repair damage. When these signs pop up, it is your nervous system saying it needs help!

We can help you!

In the past 1 ½ years, we have helped people with numbness and tingling, anxiety, digestive issues, babies with constipation and reflux…. HOW?

We work with your amazing nervous system! We use a nerve first approach. Here’s what that looks like:

Review the information you gathed to identify atterns

Nerves → We use our assessment to determine where your nervous system needs help. We make an adjustment in that area, allowing the nerves to communicate again. Think of this communication like a highway, Messages go in both directions between the brain and all areas of the body. Our adjustments break up any “traffic jams.”

Muscles  → The nerves then communicate with surrounding muscles in the area. Allowing them to contract and relax at the right time.

Bones → Because muscles are what move the bones in our body, the the body now becomes properly aligned and can move in a healthy way.

Motion → Proper motion within the bones, muscles and nervous system FEEDS the brain. This creates total harmony within the system. Harmony within this system allows your body to heal itself and relieve the symptoms and signs your body is expressing.

True healing comes from inside out. Your body was made to heal itself.

So, now you know our secret recipe for success. Take care of your nervous system and it will take great of you. You’re worth it!

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