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What is the Trajectory of your Childs' Health?

What is the Trajectory of your Childs’ Health?

I’ll never forget how eye opening it was for me when I began scanning my son at our office. I was adjusted through my


Dr. Anna and her son Raymond – Dressed as an astronaut landing on the moon!

entire pregnancy, had a home birth and was lucky enough to have minimal complications. My challenges were similar to many other new moms such as many middle of the night feedings, diaper blowouts, challenges with nursing and learning how to be a mom.

When I scanned my son I was so shocked to see that his scan wasn’t clear! I was expecting to see all white, no color and beautiful alternating from left to right. When that wasn’t what the scan showed, I felt like I had done something wrong.
Looking back now, I know that I hadn’t done anything wrong. The truth is, the birth process, no matter how smooth, is stressful on babies! Learning how to function outside of the womb, to eat for the first time and no longer have every single need met instantly like it is in the womb is stressful for babies.
I got to work adjusting my son and having Dr. Monica check him often. I was so grateful to have this ability because I knew it was changing the trajectory of his health.
When it comes to our kids, waiting until they have symptoms is often waiting quite some time. What if we could set the trajectory up in the right direction before those symptoms and issues ever needed to show themselves?
My passion and purpose with the infants and kiddos at Revival (and in my own home) is to change the trajectory of health so that these children can thrive starting as early as possible!
If you’d like to see what path your children’s health may be on, setting up a new patient consultation is the way do that! The scans you see pictured here are included and are SO eye opening! Click the link below to schedule an appointment for your child.

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