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Unlocking the Secrets: Assessing the Vitality of Your Nervous System

Want to learn more about the scans? Watch this quick 30 second video!

” Want to learn more about the scans? Watch this quick 30 second video!

Neurological scans reveal how well your nervous system is functioning, communicating, and adapting to stress in your life!

At Revival, there are three neurological scans that I do:

  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability) tests your total energy reserves + nervous system balance. Your energy reserves show if you’re running off a full energy tank every day, or if it’s depleted, which can contribute to feeling brain fog, fatigue and low energy. Additionally, the HRV measures to see if your nervous system is balanced between its two modes, or if you’re functioning primarily in one mode only. The two modes are: sympathetic (gas pedal, fight/flight mode) and parasympathetic (brake pedal, rest/recuperative mode).
  • Thermal tests your brain to body communication in the form of body temperature regulation. This scan indicates areas of deeper stress that may be impacting the function of your body as a whole, or in a specific region.
  • EMG tests your muscle tone and tension. This will show how well your body is using the energy it does have. If your muscles are super tense, then your body is overspending your energy and draining your reserves instead of allowing you to feel revived + recharged!

Utilizing neurological scanning technology takes the guesswork out of your care + healing journey! At Revival, your progress will be consistently checked every 12 visits to see how your nervous system is adapting + healing!

If you are ready to check the health of your nervous system, click here to schedule your new patient consultation!

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