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Mindset Shift For Due Dates!

Due date means exactly 40 weeks after your last menstrual cycle, but studies show that without an induction, delivering at 40 weeks on the dot just isn’t the case.

Most first time moms give birth anywhere between 40 weeks + 5 days and 41 weeks +3 days.

We’ve seen a lot of new moms start to worry and get anxious that their baby hasn’t arrived yet when they hit 40 weeks.

We are here to remind you that:

Your baby is BRILLIANT and will make their arrival when they are ready.
Your body is BRILLIANT and will deliver that precious little one when both of you are ready.
Your due date is just a calculation, a math equation and a guess. 

We encourage you to shift your mindset around due date to saying it’s a guess date.

This simple phrase and mental shift can go a long way on your mental and emotional health in the last weeks/days of your pregnancy.


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