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Four Resolutions That Should Be On Your List!

These four things are not only great “resolutions” for the New Year, but are ones that you can always turn to when you need to help your body restore + H E A L!

1. Sleep

If you are going to focus on only one of these, this would be it! Aim for 7-8 hours per night with all your might.

Try this: Try a guided Yoga Nidra mediation before bed, you likely won’t make it to the end before you fall asleep -OR- make your bedroom a technology free zone and commit to no technology 1 hour before bed!

2. Mindset

Your mindset sets the tone for each moment of your life. Every waking moment of the day, we are talking to ourselves – make sure you’re saying something positive!

Try this: Ask yourself each morning “what can I be excited about today?” This sets you up to find the good in the day before it even begins!

3. Movement:

It’s common to go overboard with this, especially in the New Year. Instead of going from 0 to 60, take a look at your current routine and focus on a simple way to add more movement.

Try this: Stand or walk around your house while you scroll on social media -OR- stretch while watching Netflix.

4. Nourishment:

This isn’t about ELIMINATING foods from your life. Instead, focus on what you can ADD that gives your body extra nutrients, vitamins and fuel!

Try this: Add a veggie to dinner each night -OR- add a source of protein to every meal.

These four things done with consistency pave a solid foundation for a healthy body, mind and soul! We challenge you to pick one that you are going to focus on. Spend some time today making a plan of how you can make it a priority in your day, week, or even month!


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