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Bookmark this Blog: Build your Dream Prenatal & Postpartum Care Team!

Your prenatal & postpartum care team should be filled with people that make you feel safe, understood, supported and share your vision. Building your ideal care team from day one is a great practice. That way you will have a list of resources ready to go, as you need them!

Here is a list of professionals local to the Stillwater, MN area that we know, love and trust to help get your ideal care team list started!

Acupuncturist with perinatal experience:

Childbirth Education:

Chiropractor that evaluates your nervous system:

Community Support:

  • The Baby Cafe: a free drop-in service held at the Early Childhood Family Center

Craniosacral therapy:


Lactation consultant:

Lactation counseling:


Mental + emotional support:

Midwifery: home birth + postpartum care:


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy:

Every pregnancy and journey into motherhood looks different. Your list may look different from this, but this is a solid start! Be sure to bookmark this blog and share it with those who many be looking for these resources. We will be continuously adding resources and referrals as we find them – keeping this list as up to date as possible!

Have someone in mind that would be great to add to this list? Leave a comment with their information below!

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