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4 Steps To Make The Transition To Clean Living Easier!

Detoxing your life and household can feel super daunting to the point where you feel like there is no way you can do it!

Instead of being taken over by overwhelm, try these tips to help make the clean living transition easier!

1. Start small. Pick ONE area in your life that you want to start making a shift, such as your food, cleaners, body care products, etc. 

2. Now that you’ve picked your area of focus, isolate ONE item within that. Let’s say you picked body care products, what is the ONE thing you want to change most in that. Is it your make up? Body wash? Hair care products? Dental products?

3. Do your research! Now that you have your focus for your next swap, start finding clean products to replace it. Search online, check to find its toxic rating at the sites listed below, or ask trusted resources what their go-to products are. Dr. Anna and Dr. Monica have done lots of research and clean swaps of their own. If you are looking for a product to try, feel free to pick our brains at any time! We are happy to help.

Websites to check a products rating: Think Dirty and EWG Skin Deep Database

Now, the #1 step to reduce overwhelm is this next one!

4. Start making small swaps! When you start running out of the item you want to eliminate from your life, swap it with the clean version of it. Have the item ready to order or pick up when you need it! By doing simple swaps ONE AT A TIME you set yourself up for success. It’s easier to make baby steps mentally, financially and emotionally!

When you’re ready to start making clean swaps in your life and household, remember to follow these steps! You will be so happy that you did!

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