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Meet Your Doctors

The Revival Chiropractic doctors learned early on how chiropractic can help families feel great and it became their passion in their studies. They continue to learn from and train with the top pediatric and prenatal chiropractors in the United States in order to serve your family and the Stillwater community to the best of their abilities! To continue empowering and contributing to the community, both doctors are members of the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Business Bridge.

Meet Dr. Anna Anderson

Chiropractor Stillwater, Dr. Anna AndersonDuring high school and college, Dr. Anna battled painful stomach problems that the medical doctors couldn’t figure out. She went through X-rays and many forms of invasive testing with no answers before being referred to a chiropractor. “I laughed because I had no idea that chiropractic and stomach pain were related. That was ten years ago and I haven’t had that problem since.” To read Dr. Anna’s full health story, click here!

Dr. Anna earned a bachelor’s in horticulture and was working in her family’s greenhouse business before she realized that she wanted something more. After digging into natural nutrition and meeting a chiropractor, she toured Northwestern Health Sciences University, later enrolling and earning a Doctor of Chiropractic there.

She’s taken many hours of continuing education on the gentle tonal chiropractic techniques that are the primary adjusting methods at Revival Chiropractic .

Outside of the office, Dr. Anna is married with two fur babies. She loves being outside hiking, camping and going for runs.

Chiropractor Stillwater, Dr. Monica VeilMeet Dr. Monica Veil

Dr. Monica battled with migraines for years! She was on 10 medications a day without finding any relief. A chiropractor approached her and offered to help. After only three months, not only was she migraine-free but she was medicine-free! “That experience fueled my desire to help people. I know what it feels like to sit out on your own life and I never want anyone to feel that way! Chiropractic gave me my life back. It is my personal mission to help people live a life without limits and feel fully in charge of their health through chiropractic care!” To read Dr. Monica’s full health story, click here!

She attended Northwestern Health Sciences University. Since graduation, Dr. Monica has spent many hours learning tonal chiropractic techniques including MC2, TRT and Talsky Tonal.

In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her fiancé, her dog Moto, ride motorcycles and go on adventures. Dr. Monica loves to read and visit area coffee shops.

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